Chiba Port Tower


The four-storied (yep, four) observation tower a few blocks away from Chiba Minato Station provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding Chiba and Tokyo areas. On a clear day (particularly NOT winter), Mount Fuji, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, and the Rainbow Bridge can be seen from the western side of the tower. The southern end showcases factories sitting close to Tokyo Bay. The north and eastern sides shed light on the southwest corner of Chiba prefecture.


The Chiba Port Tower is an often underrated observation deck, since not so many people visit the place in one day, unlike its towering rivals in Tokyo. But, because of that, it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset in peace or take someone out on a date. In fact, the second floor (which they call “Sunset Promenade”) is quite exclusive for dating causes – areas like “Lover’s Sanctuary” and “Heavenly Romance” are put up with all sorts of activities and memorabilia.


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