What I Found #3: First Buds of Sakura

It’s almost Spring, and in Tokyo, some trees are already starting to feel it.


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  1. I am so excited! I have just got to Japan and already seen a few buds and flowers in the garden at the Shinsho-ji Temple, Narita! The Sakura is something I have been waiting to see for so long!

    1. helidmitry says:

      Cool 🙂 Enjoy your adventures in Japan! Everything here is so unique and quite exotic to foreigners.
      If you’ll be staying long, I’d be happy to accompany you around Tokyo. I usually spend my weekends there.

      1. That would be amazing!! I would love to meet up, you will know it so much better than I do! A touring buddy is always a good idea! How long have you been in Tokyo? Maybe we can plan a Harajuku District visit together? I’d love to see all the crazy outfits and shopping! x

      2. helidmitry says:

        I’ve been in Japan for almost two months. I’ve just recently started out going around Tokyo, so I’m not quite familiar with the inner districts yet. But that’d be a great idea! Message me if you want to hang out on one of these weekends (though, not this weekend since I have to go somewhere else..) How long will you be staying in Japan?

      3. Ah sorry, just saw your post about this weekend. Have you got any time during the week? I’m in Japan until 3rd April but have a limited time for weekends until then, as my partner is in flying training and is limited to the amount of weekends he has off:)

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