Mountain and Me: Mt. Jinba

The Mountain: The gentle giant at 857 masl near the much-boasted Mt Takao in Kanagawa serves as a cool and quiet balcony for viewing Mt Fuji on a clear day. Though a lot more peaceful than its neighbors, Jinba hides a steeper forest trail beautifully lined with trees. Trail runners beware because of the long roots and muddy path at the upper end of the mountain. At a leisurely pace, it would take around an hour to reach the summit, where a distinctive giant white horse statue stands to greet hikers. There are plenty of noodle and tea shops at the summit, which makes the mountain a perfect place for those who want to spend some quiet and relaxing alone time during the weekends.

Me: I climbed Mount Jinba on a particularly cloudy day. It just rained a few days before my hike so the trail was mostly slippery and muddy. I started the climb after lunch and got to the top after what probably took to be an hour. I never took notice of the time anyway. It was one particular day that I didn’t have to look at my phone. I just brought with me an extra shirt and my pen and notebook, and when I got to the top, I stayed there for hours just writing what ever comes to my mind and feeling the wind in my face.








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