Mountain and Me: Mt Kinabalu

My 2017 Major Hiking Goal: 4095 masl, 9 hours total ascent, 5 hours total descent, 2000-meter elevation change in 2 days. My first time to do a rope section to the summit, and my 2nd major international hike. Mt Kinabalu is the tallest mountain I’ve climbed yet.

Mountain and Me: Mount Tsukuba

The Mountain: Sitting just nearly two hours away from Tokyo, Mount Tsukuba is a nice little dayhike offering a breathtaking view of the Kanto Plain, and the honor to summit one of the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan. The mountain has two peaks: Nyotai (the “female” peak) at 877 masl, and Nantai (the “male” peak)…

Mountain and Me: Mt. Jinba

The gentle giant at 857 masl near the much-boasted Mt Takao in Kanagawa serves as a cool and quiet balcony for viewing Mt Fuji on a clear day.