Located at the southern end of Chiba, Mount Nokogiri (saw-shaped mountain) is a perfect fear-of-heights tester. 

What I Found #6: Universal Studios Japan

I almost cried when I saw the float with the two blue birds during the evening parade at Universal Studios. It was so beautiful that I stopped shooting my camera after the first shot, and instead just stared at it the whole time it passed by.

Mountain of Thoughts: Abeno Harukas

My mind is a million criss-crossing roads. Too many intersections, too many dead ends, too many ways a thought can go around and around in circles. With no way of finding peace. No hope of finding one path to follow and focus there and settle. Too many roads to the unknown. Where do I start?…

What I Found #5: Panda.

Pandas are a big attraction and selling point in Ueno Zoo. Maybe before my flight back home, I’d buy one of these cute stuff.

Inside the Rainbow Bridge (North)

…Just when I was so hyped up about walking, it rained. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience to walk across the renowned Rainbow Bridge. Even if it was cloudy and drizzling while I was crossing over, the view of the North side still fascinated me. The Tokyo skyline was visible (even Tokyo Tower was taking a…


The Five-Storied Pagoda (五重塔) in Ueno, seen from the Ueno Toshogo Shrine

Panda Bloopers

This is a series of photos that I took during the five minutes of watching Riri (リーリー), the male panda in Ueno Zoo. At first I thought the panda would sleep all day on his bamboo resting place, but with lots of luck and waiting, he got up in the early afternoon and started going…

What I Found #4: Kabukicho, Shinjuku

“The Pick Peck” greets you to the western entrance of Kabukicho, the red light district of Shinjuku. I took a picture of this place because, well, for Filipinos, the name sounds a bit funny. ~  

Chiba Port Tower

The four-storied (yep, four) observation tower a few blocks away from Chiba Minato Station provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding Chiba and Tokyo areas. On a clear day (particularly NOT winter), Mount Fuji, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, and the Rainbow Bridge can be seen from the western side of the tower. The southern end…

Ginza UniQlo Tower

The UniQlo Tower in Ginza, Tokyo, has 12 floors of clothing selections. What?!


Ginza: the holy grail of high-end shoppers in Tokyo. From Gucci to UniQlo towers, Ginza seems to have the entire world of fashion packed into one long shopping lane.