I’m a hiker. I love the mountains and I love to travel to high places or to any place where I can experience new things. I’m also a software developer, and I don’t believe my two interests are mutually exclusive. This site serves as my personal blog of travels and thoughts. Have fun browsing through the collection!


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  1. Hello 🙂
    My number for the local network is 08033122369
    Please get in touch. Would love to meet up tomorrow if possible?

    1. DM Heli says:

      Hi again. Sorry for replying so late, I didn’t bring my laptop with me during my weekend trip. I’m only using a data sim, so I can’t use my phone for standard texts and calls here in Japan. But how about next week Saturday? 🙂

      1. Hello! No problem at all 🙂
        Next Saturday we will be in Shibuya for the rugby and then meeting with a bunch of friends at Andy’s, not sure if you have heard of it? It is a seafood restaurant and is under the Ginza rail lind, such a cool spot with great atmosphere, maybe meet us there? We have a booking for 7:30pm for after the rugby match (one of our South African teams are meeting up with the Japanese teams for a game)
        Maybe text me on that number I sent and we can keep in touch?
        Chanel x

      2. DM Heli says:

        Sure, that would be great. I’ll meet you there.. though, I haven’t really heard of it.Is it near the Shibuya station? Do you have mobile internet? Skype or something? sadly my phone’s only good for internet access, can’t be used for texts.

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